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January 2021 – Arlington Fishery

As in previous years as an additional benefit of S&TC UK Sussex Branch membership, we again purchased two memberships at Arlington Reservoir Fishery, thereby enabling our members to enjoy a generous discount off the normal day ticket and boat hire prices.

Unfortunately, due to the poor weather in the early part of the year and the subsequent closure of the fishery on the 24th March due to the Covid-19 restrictions, only re-opening on the 15th May, therefore missing out on the best part of the season, relatively few members were able to take advantage of this scheme during 2020.

The fishery usually closes at the end of June, but this year they remained open until the 31st October although with low water levels, high temperatures and no boats available, as was usual at Arlington, very few fish were caught.

Perhaps we should have guessed that something was afoot, because as soon as the season finished we were advised that after well over 40 years of fly fishing at Arlington, the fishery would be closed down, South East Water saying that it was “unsustainable”. Presumably this was from a financial aspect, but despite many representations from ourselves, the Sussex Branch of the Fly Dressers Guild and others and also contacting all our local MP’s to solicit their support, South East Water were unwilling to reconsider their decision or to provide any figures to justify their actions.

They have said that they will be engaging with interested parties in the future to explore recreational activities at the reservoir, but from their responses to our communications, the inclusion of angling seems rather doubtful. What is pretty certain is that there will be no fishing at Arlington in 2021. Sad news indeed as many of our members have enjoyed great days there in the past with it's hard fighting fish.

2021 Branch Annual General Meeting

With the ongoing Covid-19 situation, unless things improve very rapidly, it is unlikely that we will be able

to hold our Branch AGM in March as usual. Further information will be posted nearer the time.



Our Chairman's New Year Newsletter, January 2021

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