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The Sussex Branch of S&TC UK and Cinder Hill Fly Fishing

at the Autumn Show & Game Fair 2019.

Report by Rod Yuill.

Once again, the Sussex Branch of Salmon & Trout Conservation UK and Cinder Hill Fly Fishing were at the Ardingly showground for the Autumn Show & Game Fair on the 5th and 6th of October. 

We set up the tent on the Friday afternoon as usual without too many hitches, only to realise that one of the end walls was inside out! However, this did not detract from the security or weather proof ness of the tent so we left it as it was. Our thanks are due to all our volunteer members for all the time and hard work that they put into making our attendance at the event this year the success that it was. Thank you particularly to the stalwarts who turned out at the last minute to help us with the set-up and special mention must go to Dee Price, Nick Price’s wife, who came along to help with the set-up on Friday and also with the take down on Sunday.

It would seem that no one can pack the trailer quite as well as Maria Cumbers and now Dee Price.

We were surprised at how busy we were on the Saturday which turned out to be the best day, with activities in the “Have a Go” casting virtually non stop from around 10 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon and we were all very grateful to Lucy Taylor for the highlight of the day with her excellent ginger cake. I’m afraid I have to guiltily own up to having gluttonously devoured 3 pieces!
The public attendance on Sunday was rather disappointing in spite of the greatly improved weather over the initial forecast for rain and strong winds, which luckily did not materialize, although it did rain heavily overnight and it’s quite likely that quite a few people decided to come on the Saturday rather than Sunday because of this.


All those participating in the “Have a Go” casting are entered into a draw for an Airflo Fly Fishing Kit and this year’s winner was a young lady from Lewes who was so keen that she actually had two sessions at the poolside.

There was quite a lot of interest in Cinder Hill Fly Fishing, hopefully   we will have recruited some potential new members for next year.

We can now all relax and recover until the Annual South of England Summer Show in June next year



Connect with the Countryside 2019

On a fine summer day, on Thursday the 11th June, hundreds if not thousands of year 5 and 6 primary school children from schools in Sussex, Kent and Surrey descended on the Ardingly showground for the annual Connect with the Countryside day, when they hopefully get to learn all about food, farming, the countryside, the environment and experience country pursuits.

As usual, the Sussex Branch of S&TC UK and Cinder Hill Fly Fishing members were in attendance to provide a fly casting experience and our 3 instructors were kept very busy, although unfortunately, due to the sheer numbers, not all the children were able to have a go.

The children all departed at around 2:30 in the afternoon and we were then able to take a well earned rest before retiring to the Norfolk Pavilion for a late snack lunch and a drink (or two !) provided by the organizers.

Overheard during the event, when asked what was the best experience they had during the day, one of the children said “the fly fishing”, so we must have got something right and it’s gratifying to know that our efforts were appreciated.

Sussex Branch S&TC UK and Cinder Hill Fly Fishing

at the South of England Show 2019.

Once again, the Sussex Branch of Salmon & Trout Conservation UK together with members of Cinder Hill Fly Fishing were at the South of England Show at Ardingly on the 6th, 7th, and 8th of June this year.

We set up the tent on the Tuesday afternoon as usual and confounded our regular spectators who look to us to provide some much needed entertainment by completing the task without any hitches. It has been known for us to have the tent almost completed before realising that one of the sidewalls was inside out.

Unfortunately, some unhelpfully timed rain showers ensured that most of us returned home feeling rather damp.

The weather continued to be unkind on the Thursday with occasional showers and a stiff breeze.

Things were even worse on the Friday with a strong wind and almost continual rain all day, such that we spent most of the time huddled in the tent in the dry, however, some brave individuals defied the weather and we recruited several people who were interested in coming to the Cinder Hill Fly Fishing lakes for a “Taster Session”, while surprisingly, there were also even some who wanted to “Have-a-Go” at fly casting in spite of the challenging conditions.

The weather certainly deterred visitor numbers on the first two days and we all kept our fingers crossed for the Saturday, which indeed was a much better day and although mostly cloudy, there were some encouraging sunny intervals. The “Have-a-Go” casting was busy including some of the police cadets who were present at the event and in addition there were several further recruits for the “Taster Sessions”.

The draw for the “Have-a-Go” prize rod, together with a box of flies donated by Selectafly, were won by an enthusiastic young man from Chelwood Gate.

Although the public numbers appeared to be significantly lower than last year, the team worked hard to make contact with as many members of the public as possible.

Again, we make no apology for mentioning our hard working band of volunteer Instructors as well as Sussex Branch S&TC and Cinder Hill Fly Fishing members who put up with some unpleasant conditions and worked hard to make the show a success for us and helped recruit possible new members for S&TC UK and the Cinder Hill Fly Fishing.

We are indebted to everyone who supported us and will again be attending the Autumn Show and Game Fair at Ardingly on the 5th and 6th of October so why not come along and see us there.


Robert Nathan, the Cinder Hill Fly Fishing Treasurer, has since received the following email from the South of England Agricultural Society.

Dear Robert,

I am writing on behalf the Society and, in particular, the Countryside Education Committee, to thank you and the members of the Cinder Hill Fishing group for the huge amount of support you give to us throughout the year and in particular at the South of England Show.

As you are aware, all of us in the Discover the Countryside Area, look forward to the arrival of your team and the sight of you all putting up your tent tells us the Show is really on it way !

The opportunity for all ages of visitors to try their hand at fly fishing is so important and you all make it so interesting and enjoyable. I understand that the winner of your prize was very complimentary about the show and his experiences. I‘m sure that such a comment is worthy of sharing with others both involved in the show and our members, followers and visitors.

We also appreciate the advise you give us on the care of the lake. It is such an important asset to the showground and utilised on a number of occasions to educate and entertain our visitors.

We look forward to seeing you at the Connect with the Countryside Day in July.


Very best wishes,


Carole Hayward JP DL.

Deputy President of the SEAS 2019 and Chairman of the Countryside Education Committee.

Cinder Hill Fly Fishing Charity Day

First instigated by member Laurie Storer some 3 years ago, the annual Charity Day this year was held on Sunday 28th April, this time at the Cinder Hill lakes, whereas the previous 2 events had been held at Piplye Ponds.

In glorious weather, 23 members and guests enjoyed a great day and partook of a scrumptious barbeque with plenty of cool beer and other drinks on offer, while thanks to the generosity of those present, donations and the proceeds of a raffle, raised an amazing £565 for the Macmillan Cancer Support Charity, a most worthy cause, well done everyone.

Thanks are due to Laurie and Mark Orchin, the Cinder Hill Fly Fishing Secretary, for organizing the day, and especially Val and Mandy for manning (womanning ?) the BBQ, who kept everyone fed and watered all day.

Oh! and the fishing wasn’t bad either, a total of 40 hard fighting rainbow and brown trout being landed over the course of the day -  Brilliant!


Annual Match with the Sussex Branch of the Fly Dressers Guild,

Saturday the 13th April 2019

Report courtesy of Tony Kaatze.

At last the weather gods relented and presented us with a perfect day at this beautiful venue near Petworth in West Sussex for the annual match between the Sussex Branch of the Fly Dressers Guild and a combined S&TC UK Sussex Branch / Cinder Hill Fly Fishing team.

The fishing was patchy, with some anglers bagging up in the morning and others struggling, however everyone caught, with one exception, who, it was claimed, was a fifth columnist “lent” to the other side!

Surprisingly Coot Lake proved to be the most difficult, with Birch being the most productive with Rosies close behind. First to bag up was Rod Yuill of S&TC UK, but it proved to be a false start as the final tally showed that FDG Sussex were a country mile ahead with 36 fish for a total weight of 84lb, with Ray Burt having the best bag and best fish of the day of 14lb 13oz and 6lb 12oz respectively, while our team landed 27 fish for 51lb 11oz, with Mike Newman having the best bag of 8lb 5oz.

This was a most enjoyable and convivial day, with many anglers qualifying for both teams and the lunch was as usual outstanding – Caroline did us proud – especially with the Pavlova!

Thanks also to Martin who provided us with excellent fishing, although the big browns he had put in failed to succumb to our efforts.

So the cup remains with the Fly Dressers for another year, let’s hope 2020 is as good as this, when perhaps revenge will be ours!


Our Chairman's New Year Newsletter, January 2019

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