Time and Water are Running Out

Have you read the papers, lately? Or watched documentaries about it on TV? The facts are chilling. What we most feared is happening.

  • Less than 30% of our rivers are in a healthy ecological state.

  • Water abstraction is up to 50 times greater now than it was 40 years ago.

  • More than a million tonnes of silt enters our rivers every year destroying spawning habitat for fish.

  • 250,000 lakes and ponds have disappeared in the past 50 years.

  • Salmon levels have collapsed by as much as 80% of historic levels.

  • Some aquatic fly populations are down by 70%.

  • Fish farming is destroying wild salmon and sea trout stocks.

  • 5,000 sites had been earmarked for low-head hydropower schemes threatening fish passage.

  • Every year, 2,000 Scottish salmon are still killed in coastal nets.

Put bluntly, Salmon & Trout Conservation UK is the only charity at the sharp end when it comes to protecting and preserving the aquatic environment of all inland and coastal waterways, from rivers to rivulets, lakes to lochans.

With our influence, Government departments listen to us. With our resources, we put policies in place and change things.

With our own scientific department, we don’t say something is wrong, we can prove it. By focussing on the health of our fish stocks, we’re the only hope there is of preserving the aquatic environment in which our wild fish live - and on which our fishing depends.

Conversely, YOU are our only hope.


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Your small change can change things dramatically.....

We’re realists. We know this may not be the best time to ask you to put your hand in your pocket, which is why we ask you not to view us as just another charity. The small amount of money it costs to join S&TC UK is an investment. One that doesn’t shrink. One that starts to pay dividends - immediately.

For less than the price of a day’s fishing, you can help us lead the way in the fight against declining fish stocks caused by water abstraction, fish farming, agricultural and industrial pollution, degraded water habitats, and out-of-balance predation.

Our targets are clear. We have the gun, but you have the bullets!

....and it goes even further when you Gift Aid it!

Signing up for means we can collect 25p from the UK government for every pound donated*.

Please don’t forget to tick the Gift Aid box when filling in your payment details and help us do even more with your money!

*You must pay an amount of income tax or capital gains tax at least equivalent to the tax that the charity claims on your donations within the same tax year.


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Updated Jamuary 2021